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1, maple Azalea Park

Azalea Park is located next Baicaoyuan, covers an area of three hectares, there are spring cuckoo, cuckoo summer, Toyo cuckoo cuckoo and other 25 kinds of more than 70 varieties. Azalea Park to the east, about 0.7 hectares of Du Yinglin, tree height Lin Shen, simple huts nestled in which the rich rustic charm. Azalea garden trees and lots of shopping fun, turf grass, colored azaleas colorful, colorful.

Maple Park Rhododendron Botanical Garden is located north door, and the landscape garden phase, covers an area of two hectares, opened in 1958, the park using the original sweet gum, beech trees and other large plants, "the concept of spring azaleas, Rewards autumn maple leaves "for the King title, configuration and maple trees azaleas to the lower middle class, lined Stones, and provision of meadows and kiosk. I have planted beautiful maple, Acer palmatum 21 kinds, and other maple Aceraceae, equipped with white hair, purple calyx and other 18 varieties of rhododendron. Bloom season, colorful, picturesque; in the absence of a colorless flower leaves, but also otherwise a full, lush, deep, quiet taste.


2, Baicaoyuan

Botanical Garden is located in the eastern side of the office building, it covers an area of 1.5 hectares, opened in 1969. Park including the famous blend of traditional Chinese medicine, "Zhejiang Bawei", including 1,000 kinds (including varieties and forms) of medicinal plants, medicinal plants garden is a living specimen of science and teaching practice, each year to receive a large number of students come to visit Learn. Park plant in accordance with the requirements of different ecological environment, combined with the original topography, the use of garden art, the use of simulation techniques were natural plant configuration, local conditions to create a shade male students, half shade raw, rock and aquatic ecological community, and construction of the "Xuan Materia Medica" potted medicinal plants display cell is compact layout, the type of drywall medicinal plant garden.

3, plant classification zone

Plant located in the economic zone south, an area of 14.2 hectares, opened in 1957. The region with natural layout, Almagro Sim radial phylogenetic diagram form, according to Engler classification system arrangement. Planting seed region 858 kinds of plants, belonging to 114 families 348 genera. Here both show the evolution of seed plants classified arranged special garden, plant science and teaching practice carried live specimens district, but also ex situ conservation of rare and endangered plants exhibition area. There are former US President Richard Nixon Get our Sequoia, Japanese friends created the "Friendship Forest cherry." Here though is the garden, but also seasonal flowers; winter plum "Fragrance floating", in spring magnolia tree heap "frost", Cherry Blossom, cloud steaming Xia Wei, begonia crimson; summer, Lotus widely known; autumn, Osmanthus "Fantasy clouds drift."


4, osmanthus Ziwei Park

Botanical Garden is located in North Gate, adjacent to Maple Azalea Park, it covers an area of 3.6 hectares, opened in 1958. Park collected Kim, Silver Gui, Osmanthus, Osmanthus Osmanthusfragrans more than 20 varieties of more than 2000, among more than 300 strains of crape myrtle planted; there is a park of more than 10 meters high, 1.05 meters in diameter around the "Dan Gui Wang "is the highlight of the sweet-scented osmanthus Ziwei garden. When the sweet-scented osmanthus in full bloom, fragrance garden, refreshing. Annual fall season, the park should be held "autumn tours Gui," a large flower show, attracting thousands of visitors.

5, tea Mulanshan

Botanical Garden is located on the southeast side of Phoenix Mountain hills near Lingyin Road, covers an area of 4.6 hectares, opened in 1959. Configuring park plants are stratified according to the characteristics of the plant configuration, the upper tall Magnoliaceae, the middle layer is the camellia sasanqua is lower, Mahonia and other low shrubs and ground cover plants. Park Lu planting 14 species from and more than 50 varieties of camellias, a collection of potted camellias more than 100 varieties, in east China camellia collection more complete variety of special garden. In early spring, magnolia and camellia contests, bustling, magnolia sky as "frost", dazzling; camellia such as patches glow, Manshan flush, attracted visitors to stop, linger.


6, bamboo area

Botanical Garden is located in the northeast corner of the northwest slope of Renshou Mountain, it covers an area of 14.5 hectares, opened in 1962. Area bamboo plants collected 16 genera and 100 species, there are domestic Rohan bamboo, feeding chicken bamboo, bamboo broom, Xiangfei Zhu, Jinxiang Yuzhu, as well as from overseas Buddha belly bamboo, Bambusa Multiplex, arrow bamboo, Philippine white bamboo, bamboo each has a beautiful legend. Bamboo is a plant area for visitors to explore and popularize scientific knowledge of bamboo garden, bamboo each brand are piled with rockery stone, bamboo Shi Xiaojing formed. The relief is based on the region, combined with garden landscaping, building bridges, pavilions, rockeries, water port, a "bamboo folder path, blue Ying Ying" landscape.

7, Forest Park

Also known as the Arboretum, located Qinglongshan, covers an area of 30.6 hectares, opened in 1997, it is a collection of local and successful introduction of domestic and foreign trees and shrubs, provide an excellent demonstration garden tree species for afforestation and urban greening. The park to collect all kinds of plants and 80 families 170 genera and 570 kinds, and opened up a celebrity area, youth activities, nature reserves, Arboretum four cells. District 97 celebrity famous movie star's signature "97 star monument" and 97 of 97 star Flocked ginkgo tree (that is, "97 Star Forest"); youth activity area from Britain, the United States, France and other 15 countries 200 from Zhejiang young people to create a "Chinese youth century forest." Forest tree deep, dense forests, good ecological environment, over the raw berries, wild scene, is the city away from the hustle and bustle, back to nature hideaway.


8, plum Lingfeng

Attractions located in the east side of Spirit Mountain, covers an area of 12.5 hectares, reconstruction opened in 1988, is a collection of special garden plum, plum garden planted 45 varieties, more than 5,000 strains of plum trees, there is rinse Pitt Pavilion, rue kiosks, product Meiyuan, Yaotai cage on floor, wash bowl pool, skim months kiosks plum attractions and historical sites. 1992 Lingfeng Plum southwest corner of the park opened up praecox, Chimonanthus planted 12 varieties, more than 1200 cluster. Early spring each year, Hangzhou Botanical Garden to be held in this "pk plum" large-scale flower show, combining plum bonsai exhibition, exhibition of spring flowers, ornamental increased interest and cultural connotations. When the plum blossoms, Manshan flush, cloud steaming Xia Wei, subtle fragrance floating, attracting thousands of tourists come to watch the Tour, Hangzhou has become a major event in the early spring.

9, Yuquan diving

Botanical Garden is located on the north side, adjacent to the landscape garden covers an area of 1.54 hectares, is one of the Xihu three springs, crystal clear spring water because clean name. Attractions original temple, said Yuquan, also known as headroom Temple, Qing Lian Temple, built in the Southern Qi Jian first year (AD 479--482 years), after several repairs, demolition Sengfang tea gallery to the Republic of China. In 1965, a comprehensive reconstruction Yuquan attractions, the new "ancient Pearl Spring", "blue rain pool" two groups of the new King. In 2000, Yuquan attractions and for the expansion, alteration, South Park is divided into two regions, North Park, attractions area from 0.75 hectares to 1.54 hectares. North Park has a "fish country music" pond, "ancient Pearl Spring", "blue rain pool" and other monuments, South Park has a "clear music hall", "duck", "Biying Pavilion", "free set Xuan" etc. Fish attractions. North Park "fish country music" in the large herring Michelin length and weighing over a hundred pounds, flying in droves pool is Immersió Hangzhou distinctive attractions.


10, landscape garden

Located in the northeast of Yuquan attractions, it covers 3.2 hectares. This park based on the natural terrain, full use of existing mountain, depression, combined with originality artificial landscaping, has become a classic southern landscape gardens. Central pool of rippling water, surrounded by trees Tsui, waterside pavilions dotted with exquisite scenery, four seasons vary, enchanting spring, summer, bright colorful, colorful autumn, winter dressed in white, full of endless charm.

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