Park history and culture information


Botanical Garden Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area is located in the northwest area, the park has the appearance, content research, the park beautiful scenery, pleasant, and over the years by Hangzhou citizens and foreign visitors alike, to dig Hangzhou Botanical Garden Tourist science culture, so that more people can understand visitors to Hangzhou botanical Garden Hangzhou botanical Garden is divided according to the whole block, organize special attractions Hangzhou botanical Garden, plant introduced Daquan readers.

First, the attractions:

1, Hangzhou Botanical Garden overview:

Hangzhou Botanical Garden was founded in 1956, is located in the Hangzhou West Lake District Taoyuan Ridge, north latitude 30 ° 15 ', longitude 120 ° 07', an area of 248.46 hectares, the park terrain northwest, southeast low, intermediate and more undulating. Elevation between 10-165m, hills and valleys and white, many the size of the pool, and the soil is red soil yellow soil, pH values between 4.9-6.5, moderate fertility. Park is one having the appearance, scientific connotation, science-based, and is open to the public, conduct plant science and environmental science literacy of the local botanical garden, under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou Scenic Zone.

Park built plant classification zone, economic Plants, Ornamental Plants, Flora bamboo, medicinal areas, landscape garden, pk, maple azalea garden, osmanthus Ziwei Park, Mulan tea, and other special classes Blossom Park production facilities as well as numerous scientific research, science, tourism and manufacturing services.

Professional and technical personnel Hangzhou Botanical Garden with domestic and foreign counterparts conducted extensive academic exchanges and seeds, seedlings exchange, the introduction of plants from the United States, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Russia and other 48 countries during the 369 units, with domestic 28 provinces, municipalities and more than 40 units to establish a seed, seed exchange relationship. The whole garden has already collected more than 3,500 domestic and foreign plant species (including varieties), belonging to 223 families, 1209 genera; suppress favorites plus more than 70,000 herbarium specimen number, belonging to 221 families, 1024 genera, deputy number of specimens More than 110,000 copies, is one of the units, Zhejiang Province, the largest collection of plant specimens. Foreign Science and 

Technology Park collection of books a million copies. Chinese and foreign tourists each year to receive the teachers and students of agriculture, forestry, health, gardening and other professional colleges and teaching practice to the Garden of 120-150 million.

Second, Lingfeng block

1, plum Lingfeng

Lingfeng and Xixi, collectively known as the Lonely Mountain Lake three plum, a prior history of the temple after the clubs. Song and Ming Dynasties Lingfeng Aoshiba plum dock area has now, but less relevant records, and the first true sense of the kinds of plum Lingfeng is determined between the dynasty twenty-three to twenty five years, destroyed after the war. Xuantong first year in Lingfeng fill Mei Zhou Qingyun 300. 1988 Lingfeng plum reconstruction attractions open.

Light of twenty-three to twenty-five years (1844-1846), a local official from Zhejiang Solid celebration presided Lingfeng first species plum, solid celebrate species plum, plum Lingfeng is the beginning, and let the fame and plum Lingfeng It has a profound impact on a roll plum Lingfeng FIG. The mid-1980s, Hangzhou Municipal Government in view of expanding the scenic West Lake, West Lake mining historical and cultural significance, the need to promote tourism in Hangzhou, as well as civil recovery Lingfeng Plum appeal began brewing reconstruction Lingfeng Plum. In February 1988 on the occasion of the early release plum, plum Lingfeng formally opened. After the reconstruction plum Lingfeng attractions, along with the constant development and change, until now a total area of 200 acres, plum prominent theme, there are more than 10,000 clubs. Press garden space designated as "Spring sequence into wins," "Merlin grass", "Hornsey deep", "Lingfeng food show" four parts.

Lingfeng plum in 1991, successfully held the Second National plum, Wintersweet Exhibition and West Lake in Hangzhou First Plum Blossom Festival, after all the activities undertaken related to the theme of the annual plum, plum boutique shows at home and abroad, has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists .

2, Lingfeng

Lingfeng - Song Jiufeng previously said, in the north of the West Lake, the Xixi south Qingzhiwu dock West, the Hangzhou Qiantang door Guri, four miles from the West Lake. After the first temples on the history of plum. Jin lucky years (944 ~ 946) in the construction of Wu and Yue Wang Jiufeng Temple, Song Zhiping years renamed Lingfeng Temple, Temple Mount cover easily understood that the Temple Mount and to be famous. Song Su Lingfeng Temple tour, had left the wall poem "Yamashita Baotuo Lingfeng Temple, Dongpo and white hair coming past Devon now I vaguely remember that wonderful high." Then beginning with the name of Lingfeng, a mysterious incense malpractice martial arts temple, Song Beishan Lingfeng Temple in north west Tianzhu Tianzhu and Lingyin echoes. "Saw eagle ridge, near Taoyuan, surface Chi dock, Villas Maoting, Luan Lin is the most secluded place," Lingfeng the ancient secluded area, stone paths circling, Shoko lined, towering peaks, rocks Lingzheng, temple known Cuiwei Court, Yun Tang sleep, wash bowl pool, wonderful high Zhu Sheng-chuan world. Huang Fei Lan Tree Gap West Tower, East see the money Koko, sailing sand birds, such as in front, it is "Qu Jiang Tao, Wushan Yun, Lake month, the present generation, extremely Grand cosmic painting."

Since Lingfeng Plum and lasting bonds, peaks, temple, Quan and pine, bamboo and plum cathartic and complement each other. "Lingfeng fill Mei Weng" Zhou Qingyun had hung up a plum Annei Yulin vertical landscape, a poem, "Koho Qiaoba filled with snow, frozen waterfalls Shu Yu-breaking cold. Plum ten million trees around the house, if two months Yuan is safe? ", Zhou Qingyun think only Lingfeng scene consistent with this poetic figure, and only make plum Lingfeng view to achieve the ultimate. Then plum Lingfeng temple together with the rise and fall several times, how many years now, the temple no deposit, and is still in full bloom plum, plum Lingfeng has become China's famous plum attractions.

3, product Meiyuan

Product Meiyuan plum Lingfeng is located in the area, it is the only one surrounded by walls Lingfeng fenced yard, product quality plum Lingfeng Meiyuan is gathering, which is characterized by a long history of plum, tree ancient, strange shapes. Great Lve, weeping plum, Longyou plum, plum and other rare varieties of plum gathered here.

Meiyuan into a product, a huge twigs Cinnabar greeted surrounded by a stone carving, huge red letter "Mei", which became one of the symbols to Lingfeng photography. Stroll product Meiyuan, the spectator can see a strong plum pink palace, but also to see through grafting from the "three-color plum." Stroll on the promenade in the Meiyuan product, can be seen on a variety of plum varieties, food value, historical and cultural presentation of scientific knowledge. Meiyuan products in the west, there is a wall that read "Baimei map" for collecting various famous historical figures plum characters, including Mao Zedong, Qianlong, the emperor, Su, Lu and other embedded carving in stone the "plum" of the word.

4, plum bonsai garden

Plum plum bonsai Bonsai Garden a special place in the courtyard, close to Meiyuan products, is the traditional plum plum bonsai bonsai culture and art of combining, through the gardener's art processing, concentration reflects the nature plum plum charm and traditional culture taste and mood, plum bonsai has a long history in our country, not only become an important creative Chinese plum bonsai art, bonsai at the same time also be a good show in the form of traditional culture plum taste and mood, after years of collecting and cultivation, Lingfeng plum plum pile size has more than 600 pots, 200 Wintersweet bonsai pots, its size and artistic level among the best in the country, many of whom work in higher honor previous Chinese plum praecox exhibition, held in Shanghai in 2010, No. 12 session Chinese plum praecox exhibition, plum pile bonsai "stylus brilliance", "Koho pretty alone," "wind song" won the gold medal.

5, the cage on floor

Lingfeng along the stone path going up, you will find water gurgling down the river, when the plum blossom falls, forming a Plum Creek, forming a "do not spring a stream, snow marks Baptist Nanxiao thousand points," the mood . There are always two sides of lush trees, walk a few steps to see a bamboo forest, an upstanding sky. After dozens of steps, you can see big trees centuries Guzhang into a door and saw a story in the late Qing Dynasty antique building, which will be on floor of cage, a letter to "sleep Yun Tang" words.

Cage on floor slope side Ohira plant some plum, chinensis, pink palace cinnabar, cinnabar twigs, Jiang Mei, and other varieties are small Lve, I looked north to see a bamboo forest, where the nostrils are sitting deep plum blossom. The side to wash the bowl pool, bowl, that eat monk, alms apparatus used by the wash bowl pool to appreciate the ancient Lingfeng Temple mark.

6, Yaotai fragrant cloud

Lingfeng scenic hillside, there is an open platform and a pavilion, where Yaotai called, it is one of the best ornamental plum Lingfeng. "If not now first group of Yushan, will next month to every Yaotai" Merlin large area often referred to Hornsey sea, as there is a large mountain Merlin ultra miles Hornsey sea, Deng Wei Suzhou Hornsey sea, Yao Tai, the full bloom like clouds If Xia, Yaotai above the clouds, like fairyland, named "Yaotai incense cloud."

7, Chimonanthus Park

Su poem, "Chiba Wansongling under yellow, two heart Lecythidaceae Tan Wonderful" Lecythidaceae Tan heart means Chimonanthus two varieties. Li's "Compendium of Materia Medica" contains: praecox, Shiming yellow plum, plum this was a non-class, with its plum while fragrant and similar color like beeswax, it was this name. In ancient Chinese plum is the first flower of the year, and for the last Wintersweet flower blooming plum and wax Meier Mei is a major feature of plum Lingfeng.

Chimonanthus Yuping Mountain Park focused on one side, the cloud Xiang Ting as the center, there are currently more than 2000 praecox, including traditional and Wintersweet chinensis, United States chinensis, bright leaf Wintersweet like. Chimonanthus bloom each year, it is most delicious when Lingfeng.

8, skim the Moon

Skim Moon Lingfeng Temple located in the ancient area in the pavilion, there is a Bricks, a letter to "rebuild the northern West Lingfeng Temple tablets", is expected in the years between the Qing Dynasty. On the left skim the Moon, there is a moon-shaped spring pool, called "skim Moon Spring", according to legend Xuantong, Wu Cheng Zhouqing Spirit Mountain cloud play house was spring, Qing Ning Yung month, the pleasant reminding us of scenes to twist to swim.

On the right there is a plum, appearance is very old, there is a stone that read "Yu Ling old friend" for the 1988 reconstruction plum Lingfeng strip stone flower bed, that is, Yu Ling Yu Ling, also known as Meiling, "Wuling" one. In this junction of Jiangxi and Guangdong, Legend of Han Dynasty, surnamed Yu generals have built here, said Yu Ling. Tang ling planting more eucalyptus, also known as Meiling. Legend Lingfeng TANG Mei had a trunk as thick as a child arm, little twigs, a spurious year several flower blooming flowers, and with the planting and Shochiku, Yu Ling called three friends.


Second, Forest Park (Star Forest) blocks

1, Forest Park

Forest Park, also known as Arboretum, located Qinglongshan area, covers an area of 30.6 hectares, a collection of local successful introduction of domestic and foreign trees and shrubs, provide an excellent demonstration garden tree species for afforestation and urban greening. The park to collect all kinds of plants and 80 families 170 genera and 570 kinds. Forest tree deep, dense forests, good ecological environment, over the raw berries, wild scene, is the city away from the hustle and bustle, back to nature hideaway.

2 star Lin

Forest Park has a star Lin, 1997, 97 domestic and foreign well-known films, including the then familiar Tian Hua, Zhang Ruifang, Liu Wei, Ge, Pan Hong and other art celebrities, we jointly planted a ginkgo forest. "97" on the monument at the same time there is a star in a forest square block above legislation there is a motion picture film image to the composition, inscribed with 97 star's personal signature.

Ginkgo tree is one of the oldest fruit trees existing in the world, through the monument and planting ginkgo manner, indicating the growing prosperity of our national film industry, while increasing the value of the unique cultural landscape.

3, Xia Yan Monument

Xia Yan is a famous Chinese literature, film, theater writer, a pioneer Chinese left-wing film movement, one of the organizers and leaders, which created and adapted screenplay are: "mad flow", "Spring Silkworms", "blessing", "Lin shop "and a number of outstanding mainstream films.

In 2000, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Xia Yan, a number of units in Zhejiang Literary Federation, the Provincial Department of Culture jointly set up in Hangzhou botanical garden sculpture, the entire sculpture prototypes made of copper cat, wicker chair copper, copper coating composition and Xia Yan smoke statue .

Third, Blossom block

Blossom Description: Blossom plum Lingfeng attractions located on the south side, covers 4.5 hectares, opened in 1999. Fei planted with peach, Tau Hwang, purple leaf peach 16 peach varieties, more than 1000 peach, peach species botanical garden within the most concentrated areas.

In addition to Peach Blossom block, also planted a plum, cherry, crabapple and other Rosaceae, every spring when the ground here has become the best casual viewing. Blossom Botanical Garden or in the famous place to relax within the block there is a large lawn, an area of 3,000 square meters, the main place of one of the largest lawn scenic West Lake, tourists and students became group activities in the past and also a large flower show the main exhibition events. While in the south there is a tent, an area of 1,500 square meters, there are also planted with peach, cherry and other ornamental plants, erection of tents designated area of the botanical gardens.

Future here will be transformed into the largest special garden roses, it will show a picture of flowers in Taoyuan.

Fourth, the potted block park

1. Introduction potted garden

The new park is a collection of potted bonsai (potted) plant cultivation, cultivation, production, communication, display and other functions as one of the special class park. In May 2014 officially opened, the function is to show bonsai potted plants, collection and protection of rare and endangered plants, develop bonsai culture, popular potted bonsai knowledge for home gardening landscaping arrangement, promote natural lifestyle.

The new park is the predecessor of the original research potted nursery and primary ecological weed can be traced back 700 years ago, long before there was repeatedly hit by lightning, also known as called "thunder mountain." The new use of existing forest potted garden sloping terrain, using the South Classical landscape gardening art in the Ming and Qing and modern style unity of architectural style park.

The new pot garden is divided into four regions, namely, potted bonsai exhibition area, rare and endangered plant bonsai display area, display area and home gardening interaction region.

2, bonsai art of bonsai garden

Create a new pot garden has deep historical background, China has a long history of bonsai, Yuan Yuan-long, ancient Pu Qingxiu elegant scene, it is one of the best of traditional art, is the unique combination of plant cultivation and garden art. The main genre of "eight major schools." Zhe School of Hangzhou bonsai which represented regions.

As we all know, Hangzhou has a "thick makeup Marco Polo" in large bonsai, it is the West Lake, which is given human nature's treasures. Hangzhou bonsai art has a long history, superb techniques, mainly with conifers, shape charm, focusing on seeking air-bone, yet artistically, your vigorous handsome, landscape trees of the word of God. Southern Song Dynasty, Imperial Lin'an (Hangzhou) economy and culture has been rapid development, research and development bonsai bonsai layout to a considerable level. At that time, China and Japan are frequent personnel exchanges. Bonsai spread to Japan, then spread to Europe and America, has now become a universal art. The long history of Hangzhou's tireless efforts to make the country become Hangzhou bonsai one of the advanced region, Hangzhou bonsai art innovation, has been working to develop the production of works.

Five blocks Rhododendron Park

1, Azalea Park

Azalea Park is located next Baicaoyuan, covers an area of three hectares, there are spring cuckoo, cuckoo summer, Toyo cuckoo cuckoo and other 25 kinds of more than 70 varieties. Azalea Park to the east, about 0.7 hectares of Duying Lin, Lin Shen tree height, full of rustic charm. Azalea garden trees and lots of shopping fun, turf grass, colored azaleas colorful, colorful. Especially own botanical gardens cultivated varieties of azalea, body mass, high trunk, large flowers, flowers and more features, and rich colors, such as azalea varieties, in addition to the traditional red, there are rosy red, purple, white, light red, red and other color-based, can be described as colorful, Hangzhou is also rare in the whole.

Azaleas with the "flower beauty" reputation, its florid major implication is "mountain flowers bloom, when Cupid comes" Spring is the awakening of all time, but there are rhododendrons florid call Eros meaning, and therefore azalea has a romantic meaning. In the park there are month old statue cuckoo, cuckoo love is also the meaning of meaning.

2, Friendship Park

Friendship Park is located in the southwest side of Azalea Park, covering about 15 acres. There are many exotic species from around the world, such as North America, Sequoia, slash pine, loblolly pine, Japanese cherry, peach Fei, a symbol of the city of Hangzhou feeling of friendship around the world.

Group to come from the United States, Japan and other places have here planted under the tree of friendship, through technical guidance plant experts, some of these tree of friendship from here to the West and across the country. Friendship Park, has been renovated to increase the science gallery, describes the development of the friendship between Chinese and foreign garden related contacts history.

3, Qinglongshan

Famous Chinese poet Yang Wanli "azalea" wrote "to see why the spring gardens, flowers live the way Lennon. Jinjiang day Jin was like, down the stream according to azalea", describing the scene in the mountains tours cuckoo, and the spring of each year, in the botanical garden you can see the poem Qinglongshan scene.

Qinglongshan region is located between and Lingfeng Yuquan, connected plum Lingfeng Yuquan Fish Qingzhiwu dock and other blocks, so that these regions to achieve a seamless connection, a new look after renovation. Planting flowers is the most Qinglongshan azalea, especially azalea, then when the azaleas are blooming, when walking in the mountains to see the time when the hills are covered with azalea, scenes of childhood is no longer a dream. While the mountains also attracted R. latoucheae, bristles azalea, Rhododendron fortunei Rhododendron trees from the mountains and other areas. Qinglongshan'll find Putuo Carpinus, Taxus and other rare and endangered species.

Sixth, Baicaoyuan

Azalea Park is located in the eastern side of the Botanical Garden, it covers an area of 1.5 hectares, opened in 1969. Park including the famous blend of traditional Chinese medicine, "Zhejiang Bawei", including 1,000 kinds (including varieties and forms) of medicinal plants, medicinal plants garden is a living specimen of science teaching and practice.

Park plant in accordance with the requirements of different ecological environment, combined with the original topography, the use of garden art, the use of simulation techniques were natural plant configuration, local conditions to create a shade male students, half shade raw, rock and aquatic ecological community, and construction of the "Xuan Materia Medica" potted medicinal plants display cell is compact layout, the type of drywall medicinal plant garden. There is a statue in herbal medicine Xuan side, the statue is the famous Ming Dynasty medical scientist Li, author of Chinese herbal medicine masterpiece, "Compendium of Materia Medica."

Seven plant classification block

1, the Botanical Garden area classification

Botanical Garden Classification area, covering 14.2 hectares, opened in 1957. Botanical gardens built since the first special classes Park, is a famous Chinese garden design expert Sun Xiaoxiang design, the use of the region's natural layout, Almagro Sim radial phylogenetic diagram form, according to Engler classification system arrangement.

Hangzhou Botanical Garden classification zone is the most abundant plant species in the park, planting the seed region 858 kinds of plants, belonging to 114 families 348 genera. Here both show the evolution of seed plants classified arranged special garden, plant science and teaching practice carried live specimens district, but also ex situ conservation of rare and endangered plants exhibition area. Four Seasons flowers, winter plum "Fragrance floating" spring has Magnolia Treap "frost", Cherry Blossom, cloud steaming Xia Wei, begonia crimson; summer, Lotus widely known; autumn, Osmanthus "Fantasy Clouds drift."

2, red pavilion

In plant taxonomy have a pavilion area every spring on its beautiful scenery, where the pavilion due to the overall color is red, so called "red pavilion." Around the periphery of the pavilion planted with red cherry tree, Hongye Li, cherry, pear, crabapple, peach, roses and other plants, almost a paradise Rosaceae, every flowering red, white, pink contiguous pavilions.

Standing in front of the red pavilion of vision is very open, in front of the red pavilion there is a pond, planting water lilies, lotus and other plants Wang, the right of the pool is Yi Keke tall fir, the left is huge magnolia trees. Hangzhou citizens become red pavilion Morning leisure the best place, but also the best bird-watching area classification.

3, Sequoia

This strain Sequoia seemingly ordinary, but this is the most political and historical background of a tree in the botanical garden. It was in 1972, when US President Richard Nixon's visit to China donated, and Nixon's visit to China at the time was the big event of the world, Sino-US relations has great significance. "In the beautiful West Lake, there is a red cedar over the oceans, from the other side, nourishing friendships rain; red cedar, red cedar; red cedar, redwood, you brought a soulful American people, you rooted in the fertile soil of China ah! May you grow, happy red cedar ...... "this famous poem to describe this is redwood tree.

Sequoia aka coast redwood, the Americas endemic species, which is a precious gift of US President Richard Nixon in Hangzhou left. Since then with fellow California coast, like in China Yu Yucheng to Sequoia forest. Botanical Garden, garden workers and guardian of the efforts to overcome the difficulties, "acclimatized" and so on, the red cedar tree is preserved and healthy growth.

Eight blocks crops

1, cash crop areas

Economic crop area is located on the right side of the south gate of the Botanical Gardens, mainly cash crops, such as chestnut trees, persimmon trees, plants and other drugs present. Here lush trees, it is a nice name forest bath, tea was once casual resort.

Now become a cash crop areas Lycoris flower viewing spot, the annual summer season, here full of the "Chinese tulip," said the flower Lycoris. Amaryllis flower garden as I focus on the introduction of flower varieties, grown here include Jiangsu Lycoris aurea, rose Lycoris, deer onions, sprengeri other 10 domestic varieties, planting bulbs accumulated more than one million strains. There was a red flower Lycoris radiata, also known as Bana, a different meaning in each country, in China it is a "beautiful and pure" in Japanese is "sad memories", while in North Korea is "miss each other", perhaps during the Tanabata Festival perhaps there gives a lot of imagination.

2, wake flowerbed

Located opposite the flower bed awake cash crop areas, flower beds varies with the seasons seasonal plant some flowers, composed in a pattern. Parterre awake by the trees around towering ginkgo tree, fall, ginkgo tree infected gorgeous beautiful pale yellow color, to wake up the flower beds add a touch of Autumn.

Wake parterre mark is to have a wake sculpture. It is also a symbol of the Botanical Garden, it also serves as a botanical garden LOGO signs. Sculpture of a girl holding a flower shape, whole body pure white, created in 1987, is a specialist hospital in Hangzhou sculpture Y. Qian and Chen Shuren (deceased) creation. Implication in Hangzhou Botanical Garden usher in the Springtime. Ginkgo tree is a treasure, a symbol of status Hangzhou Botanical Garden and achievements.

The girl said to create vivid, also hired the Zhejiang University door shopkeeper's daughter as a model to shape, the girl was 20 years old, slim, very beautiful.

Nine, Yuquan block

1, Yuquan

    From between to Yuquan Temple, is a huge middle Quaternary alluvial fan dating back about 50 million years ago formed, constitute a good permeable rock, when rainfall and surface streams from Taoyuan Ridge, North Summit, when the other three Tianzhu mountain bus arrival area for Yuquan Taniguchi alluvial fan at the top, most of the surface water infiltrated transformed into groundwater. Groundwater along inclined terrain, finally pouring the surface, it becomes Yuquan.

Yuquan Lake Immersió resort since ancient times. Since early establishment when Yuquan, pond became believers pond and released, so there is a pool built seven stone. Since the Song Dynasty, with the threshold to Yuquan Immersió world famous. Although frequently ruined ancient temple was built, but it is Yuquan pond has been retained, while also Immersió win things ever.

2, Yuquan diving

Botanical Garden is located on the north side, adjacent to the landscape garden covers an area of 1.54 hectares, is one of the Xihu three springs, crystal clear spring water because clean name. Attractions original temple, said Yuquan, also known as headroom Temple, Qing Lian Temple, built in the Southern Qi Jian first year (AD 479--482 years), after several repairs, demolition Sengfang tea gallery to the Republic of China. In 1965, a comprehensive reconstruction Yuquan attractions, the new "ancient Pearl Spring", "blue rain pool" two groups of the new King. In 2000, Yuquan attractions and for the expansion, alteration, South Park is divided into two regions, North Park, attractions area from 0.75 hectares to 1.54 hectares.

North Park has a "fish country music" pond, "ancient Pearl Spring", "blue rain pool" and other monuments, South Park has a "clear music hall", "duck", "Biying Pavilion", "free set Xuan" etc. Fish attractions. North Park "fish country music" in the large herring Michelin length and weighing over a hundred pounds, flying in droves pool is Immersió Hangzhou distinctive attractions.

3, legends and Yuquan Yuquan Changes

Yuquan Lake located northwest Aoshiba dock port, the original temple, said Yuquan, also known as headroom Temple, Qing Lian Temple. Legend has it that Stephen has been found in the Southern Qi, the salty Chun "Ling'an": "Yuquan, Southern Qi Jian Yuan Mo, Wu Ling mountains super master Tan statement, the dragon king to listen to the former Fu Zhang Long Quan Temple now has a small square pool. , not Xunzhang deep, clear lesson, hundreds of different fish, which swim swimming. "Jin Tianfu three years, the temple was built, the name clearance hospital. Song Chun Xi eleven years, Methodism Yushu, "Yuquan Hospital of headroom," the sixth. Xian Chun years, rebuilt.

Five years, the province allocated Sapporo given three acres guantian odd. "Koyama Fact Sheet" on record and said: Yuquan Dragon King Temple, the clearance hospital early Jiatai, thanks to the amount of the temple, saying, "Lingquan." First Jiading, change Ren Hui. Jiaxi four years, has also changed God Games. Junsuke eight years, Hui Zhao pacification and reconstruction of the temple. Xian Chun years, new and repair, the God of Jiaying public before the closure, after adding the number says "Pu Ze." Yuan Mo, Temple destroyed while still in spring. Xuande reconstruction. Wanli asked Qiantang order Nie Xin Tang rebuilt, the "blue rain" plaque.

Kangxi thirty-eight years (1699), Emperor Kangxi southern tour Yuquan see when there is colored fish, the given name Qing Lian Temple "Yang Jinlin swimming ripples Cryptophyta wearing dark make-frequency group, knowing the original near Ho Pu. Qing Lian Inscribed and rumors. " Kangxi returned to Beijing to Hangzhou, "Yuquan diving" for the release, one of the Yuanmingyuan Yuanmingyuan built Forty Views. Yongzheng six years, Li Wei rebuilt, and built wash pavilion.

Guangxu "Hangzhou gazetteer draft" Yuquan Qing Lian Temple Xianfeng Gengxin chaos, do pay robbery ash. Tongzhi, the monks Jiemao to home, too Sekihisa involution View. Yuquan its pool hall in the right hand with house San Ying, standings Day "fish country music" pavilion next day to wash, wrinkle month gallery. A small stone pool, where fish swim. Jade fish there, about Chi Yu. Monks says: "There are three Xianfeng, nearly one deposit, lurking bottom, occasionally swimming to give a title to see the Emperor Qianlong jade has been the name may also cover three hundred years.." Country music after a fish pond Ikegami try one corner, then the water pan into beads, numerous everywhere. Two front of the hall after hall, as spring rain, the frame Shiliang, divided into two pools. Wavefront always a little, if by rainfall, is also true spectacle.

In time, the spring pool on three sides Gechuang dismantled, replaced gallery tea, tea tours for visitors to view the fish. 1964-1965, the temple turned into a courtyard with a southern garden features, attractions space layout is essentially the same, Junxiu three spring pool, in the color blue jade, crystal clear pool of hundreds of fish tail and big colored carp herring, after the Hangzhou Botanical Garden was placed under management.

4, ancient zhenzhuquan

According to the "New West records," Chung from the ground water, with continued, such as beads, the ancient name. "Said the Hangzhou" records, about Zhang Xu Guang, from about three feet to the foot to Dayton, the blisters like beads on a series of rather vulgar as "Pearl Spring." If people with foot, its motions accelerated bubble ejection, ancient zhenzhuquan it is thus formed. A few decades ago, however, rarely zhenzhuquan ancient springs gush up.

5, blue drizzle pool

Yuquan have accompanied with a spring, the surface of the pool quietly stretched water lily, aquatic plants, suddenly, as if to hear "Pata, Pata" twice, there are bits and pieces of water ripples slid, people thought it was a trance raindrops down, looked up only to find blue skies. This is the so-called "blue rain" spring.

 Springs formed "blue rain" is due to alluvial pore near Yuquan communicate directly with the atmosphere, ground water and some dissolved gases lot of ground when pouring the gas is released rapidly from the water, forming a mist of many bubbles in clear day was seen especially clearly.

6, Shan Shan (restaurant)

 Old Chinese - Shan Shan restaurant is located in the beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou Botanical Garden, backed Qinglongshan the face of landscape garden, Yuquan left by the pool. Surrounded by greenery, flowers, renowned at home and abroad is the name of the West Lake restaurant.

     "Mountains Beyond Mountains" in pursuit of dishes featuring natural quality, actively promote the traditional Hangzhou dishes series, and the first organic fish Lake series, including boutique "Eight head Emperor" most welcomed by the customers, the renowned "Hangzhou first" .

Ten, maple block Azalea Park

1, maple Azalea Park

Botanical Garden is located in the north door, and the landscape garden phase, covers an area of two hectares, opened in 1958, it is the oldest botanical garden open special classes Park, the park using the original sweet gum, beech trees and other large plants, with " spring concept of azaleas, maple leaves in autumn reward "for the King title, configuration and maple trees azaleas to the lower middle class, lined Stones, and provision of meadows and kiosk. I have planted beautiful maple, Acer palmatum 21 kinds, and other maple Aceraceae, equipped with white hair, purple calyx and other 18 varieties of rhododendron. Bloom season, colorful, picturesque; in the absence of a colorless flower leaves, but also otherwise a full, lush, deep, quiet taste.

In 2012, Maple Park, Azalea Park renovation project as one of the three botanical gardens, has been re-trimmed garden using modern Western garden design concept has been redesigned, in order to increase the garden stone-paved trail on both sides with a bluestone brick into the fence, and the construction of the pavilion and viewing platform, the entire park a new look.

2, Ma Ying rhododendron forest

Lantana Rhododendron, Hangzhou Botanical Garden introduction of the latest varieties, the original growth in Guizhou altitude of 1500 meters above the mountains, after 4-5 years of cultivation and adapted to grow at lower altitudes in the nursery ground, now under the Hangzhou Botanical Garden referral in, far behind "by train" came to Hangzhou to meet with you.

These centuries cuckoo to see very old sense, just look at the trunk thought it was pine trees, which are in common is the type of tree, evergreen foliage throughout the year, these centuries azalea flowers very red, can not help but Lenovo "cuckoo," one said, very conspicuous from afar. In order to allow them to better perennial healthy growth in the Botanical Gardens, but also specifically the use of Guizhou local soil.

XI landscape park block

Landscape Park

Located in the northeast of Yuquan attractions, it covers 3.2 hectares. This park based on the natural terrain, full use of existing mountain, depression, combined with originality artificial landscaping, has become a classic southern landscape gardens. Central pool of rippling water, surrounded by trees Tsui, waterside pavilions dotted with exquisite scenery, four seasons vary, enchanting spring, summer, bright colorful, colorful autumn, winter dressed in white, full of endless charm.

Landscape garden planted lotus, water lilies, Wang Lin and other ornamental aquatic plants, water lilies where the most abundant species. Middle landscape garden has artificial island is home to many migratory birds in winter and summer habitat for migratory birds, Hangzhou is also a famous bird watching every year attracts a large number of photographers to shoot the birds in the garden as well as a landscape plum, grow especially strange when red plum blossom shadow reflection in the water along with the plum itself as a caring, very strange.

XII osmanthus Ziwei Park Blocks

 Osmanthus Ziwei Park

Botanical Garden is located in North Gate, adjacent to Maple Azalea Park, it covers an area of 3.6 hectares, opened in 1958. Park collected Kim, Silver Gui, Osmanthus, Osmanthus Osmanthusfragrans more than 20 varieties of more than 2000, among more than 300 strains of crape myrtle planted;

There is a park 10 meters high, 1.05 meters in diameter around the "Osmanthus King", is the highlight of the sweet-scented osmanthus Ziwei Garden. When the sweet-scented osmanthus in full bloom, fragrance garden, refreshing. Annual fall season, attracts thousands of visitors come to enjoy the leisure Gui tea, and with the "Manlongguiyu" Hangzhou, a famous resort tours Gui, osmanthus Ziwei Park every year to carry out "golden reward Gui" series theme flower show activities.

XIII, bamboo block area

1, bamboo area

Botanical Garden is located in the northeast corner of the northwest slope of Renshou Mountain, it covers an area of 14.5 hectares, opened in 1962. Area bamboo plants collected 16 genera and 100 species, there are domestic Rohan bamboo, feeding chicken bamboo, bamboo broom, Xiangfei Zhu, Jinxiang Yuzhu, as well as from overseas Buddha belly bamboo, Bambusa Multiplex, arrow bamboo, Philippine white bamboo, bamboo each has a beautiful legend.

Bamboo is a plant area for visitors to explore and popularize scientific knowledge of bamboo garden, bamboo each brand are piled with rockery stone, bamboo Shi Xiaojing formed. The relief is based on the region, combined with garden landscaping, building bridges, pavilions, rockeries, water port, a "bamboo folder path, blue Ying Ying" landscape.

2, Bamboo Cultural District

In the bamboo area roaming, dizzying, there Fengweizhu, Buddha belly bamboo from tropical South Asia, have come from the southwest mountains settled bamboo broom, Bashania. There are known as "bamboo treasure", as the export of "ace goods" tea, bamboo pole, and the pole small, making Indocalamus Tianzhu chopsticks, wrapped dumplings every Dragon Boat Festival is also inseparable from its leaves. Another Xiangfei Zhu, also known as Bamboo, much above the tear-stained track, the legend is Shun king's death, his wife Ehuang British cry tears drying on the above, it is touched by human love, love generation reservations marks.

Bamboo area once or four masterpieces of shooting, China's famous TV series "Journey to the West" in the black bamboo forest scene Goddess of Mercy Hospital scene in this film. It is said that the early TV series "Dream of Red Mansions" has also been in the viewfinder.

XIV Mulanshan tea

1, tea Mulanshan

Botanical Garden is located on the southeast side of Phoenix Mountain hills near Lingyin Road, covers an area of 4.6 hectares, opened in 1959. Configuring park plants are stratified according to the characteristics of the plant configuration, the upper tall Magnoliaceae, the middle layer is the camellia sasanqua is lower, Mahonia and other low shrubs and ground cover plants.

Park Lu planting 14 species from and more than 50 varieties of camellias, a collection of potted camellias more than 100 varieties, in east China camellia collection more complete variety of special garden. In early spring, magnolia and camellia contests, bustling, magnolia sky as "frost", dazzling; camellia such as patches glow, Manshan flush, attracted visitors to stop, linger.

Mulan was the predecessor of tea Peacock, where hundreds of peacock breeding, white peacock and peacock blue, by public visitors alike.

2, Magnolia Road Landscape

In Ancient Jade Road and Yuquan Road on both sides of the road on the edge of total tea Botanical Garden Mulanshan a hundred magnolia trees, on the occasion of the annual spring white and pink Prynne two Qiao Yulan competing open. Yuquan into feeling the way into the white world, a piece of magnolia petals wind down to become the best spots to take pictures.

 In fact, the famous Hangzhou Botanical Garden tours Magnolia resort, there are three most popular landscape Avenue, in addition to the Yuquan Road, as well as Yu Gu Road (North Gate to the botanical garden tea Mulanshan period) and the Botanical Gardens North Gate main road, both sides of the road were planted hundreds of families magnolia tree.

3, cherry Bi Taoyuan

Bamboo plants on the south side area, there is a slope opposite Mulan tea naturally formed area of 2.5 hectares, opened in 1975, the park more than a collection of early cherry, fuchsia, Begonia, papaya, Tau, 20 Rosaceae species, as well as camphor and other sweet-scented osmanthus and background plants, in the spring here in Japan late cherry blossoms, early summer where the big camphor tree, leaf magnolia tree appears lush, sloping autumn leaves in groups, showing a golden yellow. Here unobscured, beautiful landscape, the annual spring season, can attract a lot of new people to this Hangzhou wedding photography, wedding photography in Hangzhou, a famous shot, there are friends joked this big slope as "Lover slope"

On the slopes there is a pavilion, called "bird lovers Pavilion", is a man named Pan Honggeng old man, he is a volunteer environmental protection over the years, won the State Environmental Protection Administration of the Earth Award. The bird lovers Pavilion is the old man with the "Earth Award" bonuses built, it can appeal to care for the environment, protect the earth.

Fifth, Renshou Mountain Park Block

1, Renshou Mountain Park

Renshou Mountain Park is located southeast of the Botanical Garden, covers an area of 25,000 square meters, the park includes the tomb of Zhang Xian, Lin's former residence two major historical monuments. 2004 Renshou Mountain Park in remediation, focused on the original historical and cultural points of interest were protected and repaired. Zhang Xian of the excavated tomb in situ repair, and transform the surrounding environment.

Theme park style wooden structure, with a variety of trees, shrubs, aquatic plants, forming a small bridges, flowers, nature and the combination of rustic charm, culture and corresponding interest in the unique park.

2, Zhang Xian Tomb

 Zhang Xian's tomb is located in Renshou Yuemiao few hundred meters from the mountain, towering trees in the environment quietly placed here, the Botanical Garden of Zhang Xian tomb was trimmed engraved with Songlie Wen Hsien Hou tomb site.

Zhang Xian of the Southern Song Dynasty against gold star, a national hero Yue Fei is the most relied Ministry and assistants. Zhang Xian Wen martial arts since childhood, six arts mastery, less Huaizhi serve the country. After twenties army, defected Yue Fei, has been attached to the arm, was leaning against the right-hand man, for every all words, all troops to advance, brave beyond compare, the highest in the armed forces. Northern Expedition army, Weiminghehe, was in Battle of Yancheng Zhongda break generals Jin Wushu gold.

3, Lin's former residence

Lin's former residence is located in Renshou Mountain Park, Mr. Lin personally designed and built in 1934. The French house. After finishing 1999, opened for viewing. Lin is one of the founders of modern Chinese art education, 1900 was born in Meizhou, Guangdong Province, 6-year-old to study painting, he graduated from high school went to France to study. Founded in 1928 National Institute of Arts (now the China Academy of Art predecessor). Anti-Japanese War in exile in the Mainland, after the victory back to Hangzhou, died in 1991. Former residence of Mr. Lin exhibited works of different periods, is left as a studio and other furnishings.

House is an independent two-story Western-style small building. Construction has a living room, bedroom, studio, terrace, basement and grassland Western private apartment, except when the war with the school moved to Sichuan, but lived until 1951 was from Hangzhou to Shanghai, Hangzhou spent in young adults in their prime . Hangzhou West Lake painting provided him with artistic inspiration and creative, and deeply affected his character and style.

Sixteen, Hong Chunqiao block

 1, Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds

 One of Hangzhou's famous West Lake, only within the scope of the Botanical Garden, West Lake. Means the South Summit and North Summit, high terrain overlooking West Lake, streaming clouds crane, spectacular, ancient monks were occupied. The attractions of Buddhist architecture from the "tower" identifies the lake southwest of the northern two hills commanding heights "of the South Summit" and "North Peak", two mountains are all historic Buddhist mountains, the mountains were built in the Tang and Song Dynasty pagoda , was the highest boarding Lake scenic spots. Spring Yash, Cui Lan fog white spire into the clouds, looming afar if fairyland general.

Since the Qing Dynasty, the two peaks destroyed or ruined stupa, or lightning, leaving only the tower, which ultimately leads to bury the waste, "Piercing the Clouds' Landscape in name only. However, when the Qing Emperor Kangxi product questions spots, change two peaks plug cloud Twin Peaks Piercing Clouds, West Lake to foot the full, and in this Lingyin Road Hong-chun Qiaotu monument erected pavilion built, so the surviving King head, then moved to the connotation of the landscape evolves into climbing hills overlooking the Grand, and to reward Akiyama leaves, frosty embrace purges is preferred.

Qing Emperor Kangxi change entitled Twin Peaks Piercing Clouds, Construction King pavilion Yuhong Chunqiao River. Its bimodal pagodas destroyed destroyed a long time, as well as the original connotation even this scene was difficult for people to know, 'Piercing the Clouds' who have empty words. King Pavilion located here, in fact, expediency. Lake of the King became the King of the land. Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds since ancient times though where and how the concept of investigation Diego through changes, but the south and north peak in West Lake are highly boarding attraction but has not changed.

2, pine Shushe

Pine Shu She is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, is a celebrity in Hong Kong Mr. Louis Cha (Jin Yong) built. Shu made whole "work Xuan", "Jade Orchid Pavilion", "pines the moon floor," "delightful vegetarian" and "Listen Songjeong."

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