Botanical Garden to carry out a series of activities to celebrate the G20 learn from Lei Feng


"3.5" Lei Feng Day, Botanical Garden in action, community, parks, bus stations, smiling pavilion, where there are party members, members, volunteers figure, everyone positive action, practice the spirit of volunteerism, in his own way "service G20, a good host. "

Community station: Sands Harbor community learning from Lei Feng convenience services

I park active members through the "micro-platform" participation "learning from Lei Feng", the morning of March 4, party members into the community to actively participate in learning from Lei Feng volunteer service convenience Sands Harbor community Maojiabu incense trail undertaken. The event has provided free massage area units, family planning counseling, and other services with book signing, I park members do on-site maintenance of order and guidance, as well as tourists come to consult residents scenic advisory services throughout the event orderly atmosphere People First.

Park Station: Park health improvement

March 5 in the morning, in order to further enhance our garden (yard) of the service level management, focus on "service G20, a good host" requirements, administration and logistics branch organizations in the region head three botanical gardens, Maling Mountain and the surrounding area environmental remediation work, the main task is to pick up colored garbage. Branch on all party members to take the pliers, shovels, brooms, garbage bags and other tools, group action, division of labor, each picking up a cigarette, let off every piece of confetti. We energetic, full swing, a morning time to clean up the last ten bags of garbage. At the same time while you clean up, while inspections found necessary rectification place immediately report to monitor the squadron, notify the responsible authorities immediately rectification.

Bus Station: Bus Station Yuquan civilized traffic persuasion

March 5, volunteer service group consisting of members from the Party, is also active in the north entrance of the botanical garden Yuquan bus station, packet traffic civilization volunteer service persuasion. We put on Little Red Riding Hood, wearing red vest, waving civilized travel brand, civilized tourists line up patiently to persuade the public, the car culture, civilization cross the road ...... advocate civilized travel, green travel, the G20 services to enhance a force.

Smiling kiosk station: Smiling Quyuanfenghe learning from Lei Feng volunteer service kiosks

I park positive response group committee "run G20, a good host, good volunteers" call the morning of March 5, the organization of party members and volunteers to participate in science learning from Lei Feng Ting Quyuanfenghe smiling volunteer service teams for visitors issuance spring gardening knowledge, knowledge of small plum, water purification plant introductions science brochures, providing home gardening advisory services, giving visitors the rare and endangered plants in Zhejiang Nan pot, by the public visitors welcome.


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