1.     Run into Nature – Science Education Ambassadors
Responsible for adolescent “Second Classroom” activities, including social practice, science camps, faming classes, assistance to spring and autumn school hiking activities, propagandization of “Second Classroom” activities, collection of science education information and materials.

2.     Run into Nature – Mountain Ambassadors
Members of Zhejiang Mountains & Plains lead guided tours about scenic spots and plants in the garden.

3.     Run into Nature – Songguo Ambassadors
Parents and teachers in the Songguohui-Association of Science Communicators participate in lectures and Lecturer’s Group of the Association.

4.     Run into Nature – Herbal Ambassadors
Volunteers from Zhejiang Chinese Medical University carry out popularization and teaching of knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine and medicinal plants.

5.     Run into Nature – Trees Protection Ambassadors
Participate in landscape protection in Hangzhou Botanical Garden.

6.     Run into Nature – Green Oasis Ambassadors
College student volunteers participate in guided tours and culture popularization in the botanical garden.

Run into Nature – Tao Yuan Ambassadors
League and Party members volunteer in “Fixed day” and “Theme day” service activities.

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