Introduction of the Nature School


The Tao Yuan Li Nature Center is located in the beautiful Hangzhou Botanical Garden. It is a nature education  institute co-founded by Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Alibaba Public Welfare Foundation, and Tao Hua Yuan Foundation, operated by professional institute, and provide natural education services to students, citizens, and nature education employees. The aims of the Center are to love nature, explore nature, study nature, and create nature, forming a nature education park, a premium nature education creative incubator, an example of urban nature education institute, and helping people to feel the beauty of nature, study knowledge in the nature, explore the interdependent relationship between men and nature, and develop responsible behaviors.

Innovation and hard work up righteous World solidarity harbor

Address:No. 1, Taoyuan, Yuquan, Hangzhou, Xihu District

Hangzhou Botanical Garden

Science of the pineal gland

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