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We live in Hangzhou, full of greenery in the city, every day in close contact with many plants, maybe you are interested in plants, often pay attention to it, but only as a complete strangers; perhaps you every day in a hurry, and they always pass, but only as an acquaintance of strangers. In his spare time, when you contact with nature, you kind of want to know whether their impulses?

If so, please tell us in the afternoon to walk it, we'll take you to walk in the midday botanical garden. There are around us common wild flowers and weeds, where Mountain Lake common tree thickets, where perhaps there are some very interesting plants bloom! I believe you will find that our world also hides a not the same wonderful!

Combined with flowering plants and blooming seasons park activities, led by plant experts, according to the applicants interested in the level and angle of view, so that we better understand plants, direct contact with them, to enrich everyone's life arts green!

First, the active object

Park plant lovers in the file system, commercial outlets garden plant lovers

Second, Time

Depending on the season, flowering, weather and other reasons, from time to time to carry out, through the micro-channel push ahead of time and content of activities, events scheduled for noon 12: 30-13: 30 noon for one hour.

Third, the active set point

Participate in the activities in the day at 12:15 pm Plaza Hangzhou Botanical Garden flower bed awake concentrated.

Four, led experts

Hangzhou Botanical Garden (Hangzhou Landscape and Research) scientists

V. Registration

By focusing on "Hangzhou Botanical Garden" public micro-channel number, through micro letter to attend.

Full enrollment of five or more activities, each activity control the number of people over 15.

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Hangzhou Botanical Garden

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