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"Rabbit" teacher lecture

The children listened particularly carefully

January 30 morning, more than 50 children and their parents came to the botanical gardens science classrooms, quiet classrooms quickly liven up, we are to listen to "Rabbit" teacher talk on "experience in a natural reading experience real "Special lecture.

"Rabbit" teacher imitated Illustrated characters in the story, with voice answered gently, told the children "12 months apple orchard," "thank you, millet" and other illustrated stories, inspire children to learn to read, find open beautiful eyes, wake up to understand the world of the senses, turning link with the world, treat life, learn to read the feelings of real natural experience. In addition, she and the children do word quiz together Solitaire game. Kids big eyes wide open, and looked intently listening to the teacher telling stories, and actively raised their hands to answer questions after the end of the lecture, but also around the teacher asking questions, reluctant to leave.

"Taoyuan · mountain natural auditorium," are Hangzhou Botanical Garden and Cultural Planning Co., Ltd. Hangzhou mountain monthly welfare nature lecture jointly organized activities aimed at lectures by invited experts in natural science, natural history, ecology and environmental education in the field of natural, let the young people knowledge of Hangzhou, Hangzhou native species, the promotion of ecological protection awareness, learn to treat the environment responsibly. The lecture auditorium Taoyuan · wild nature of the first lesson, I will have more exciting content, please a lot of attention!

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