Botanical Garden wood art creative activity struck again


Children in earnest creation

Kids show their creations

February 1, and a heavy snow raid Hangzhou, the city was covered with snow, snow, really beautiful! Because wood art activities organized by the Hangzhou Botanical Garden last got kids and parents praise, we should be strong demand, botanical gardens decided to organize an art event logs.

Although the weather was cold, but the kids are enthusiastic, we first follow the botanical garden plant taxonomy experts, senior engineer Li Nianlin area in the botanical classification identification of trees, tree species classification zone can be really, ah, we all listened attentively concentrate Lebanon workers explain, for fear of missing the kind of trees. After entering the science classroom, the staff gave a detailed log production process, and a demonstration case, then small "Jelly" who started the abstract wood art. A child excitedly said, "This year is the Year of the Monkey, I want to paint little monkey!", And the children said, "I want to draw a love for mom when New Year's gift." After careful creation of the children's work fresh baked, everyone's ideas are very unique, in the midst of the sound of joy, the creative activity logs successful conclusion.

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