Second Classroom Activities Botanic Garden


1、cognitive plant

Led by the science staff to visit various attractions and special garden, learn about common plant species, plant knowledge learning, experience the beauty and magic of nature.

2、Pot gardening 

Learn gardening pot plant species, planted feel fun and serious intentions to take home maintenance, observe the process of plant growth, increase planting conservation knowledge.

3、Plant "clone" 

The plant tissue culture medium implants, personally feel the "Copy" magical process plants.

4、Yahua plant

Use of plant leaves and petals, made into a beautiful picture, DIY their own personalized work.

5、Science feature film screenings    

Play the natural ecology, environmental protection and other subjects of science movies and television, to raise awareness of biodiversity to protect young people.

6、"I Love Nature" science camp 

Investigation botanical garden natural environment, explore the wonders of nature, to carry out awareness ancient and famous trees, insects, specimen collection production and other special events.

7、social practic

To build a school garden in the form to conduct a joint conservation gardening, visiting lectures and field plant specimen collection, production and other comprehensive practical projects.

Collecting plant specimens

Weeding green color

Green small guard

8、Farming Experience 

By "Pastoral classroom" field trips to identify vegetables, cereals species involved in the field farming, growing organic crops, agricultural science learning and cultural experience.

9、Science into schools    

For young students to carry home "plant and environmental protection", "Rare and Endangered Plants" and other popular science lectures, and "hand in plant protection, building a green home" and other popular science panels into the campus traveling exhibition.

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