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Beautiful nature reserves with endless knowledge, everything in the world will specific image to be displayed in front of us. A road spring Yi Keke trees, a gold flowers, Zhu Zhu grass, even a dust in the air, as long as you put your heart to listen, to feel, you will find that nature and we are so close. Famous modern educator Tao once said: "Nature is our treasure house of knowledge, is a living textbook." Nature has given us a lot of inspiration, they are with action, perseverance, let us know how to live, let us understand the true meaning of life.

2013 People's Education Publishing House Primary 1 - - In 2001 our sixth grade students familiar with the language textbooks as the carrier, selected with the relevant natural flowers, birds, fish, insects, spring, wind, earth, stone, rain, sunlight, sound, sun, moon, dust and other 14 topics of 27 lessons. Open Chinese book, textbook tour along the Botanical Garden, in an entirely new way to re-interpretation of the text, you will be given a different kind of harvest!


Have you ever noticed the open flowers? These contests, fragrant flowers are attractive not only able to dress unusually beautiful nature, but also with a silent language to tell us the time, let us get to know the secret authors found.

Flower Clock

Blossoming flowers, contests, and charming fragrance. If we observe carefully, you will find, within a day, a different flower opening time is different. Four o'clock, morning glory purple blowing trumpet; around five o'clock, bright rose and smiled; seven, lilies waking from a dream; about twelve o'clock, noon flowers bloom; three in the afternoon, marigold is pleased to bloom; six in the evening, tobacco twilight wake spent; moonlight spent about seven unfold their petals; tuberose blossom at eight; nine o'clock in the night-blooming cereus, but a smile now ......

Why different plants flowering time different? Originally, flowering time, have a close relationship with the temperature, humidity and light. For example, Epiphyllum big and delicate petals, daytime sunlight, high temperatures, dry air, and if in the daytime bloom, there is a risk of burns. Night temperature is too low, flowering would be inappropriate. For a long time, it adapts around nine at night the temperature and humidity, by then, they quietly elegant blooming flower bud, to show beautiful smile. There are flowers, insects, pollen needs to bear seed, their flowering time is often time with insect activity coincide.

A botanist who intends to open at different times of flowers planted together, the flower garden built like a clock face, like flower composition "clock." These flowers open in succession within twenty four hours. Just look at what you spend just opening, you know approximately what time, which is not very interesting?

This article is taken from the "language" third grade textbooks


It took courage

Vienna, April really disappointed me. On large tracts of grassland, green only green attached, can not see people light up in front of bright flowers. No flower green lonely. I drove fellow Xiao Lu said: "Vienna, April can be really boring green spread everywhere, did not see the flowers, come back next April can not escape non-!!"

Xiao Lu listened, stopped the car, took me on a very open roadside grass, so I squatted down to take a look at clawed through the grass. I see a hand through the grass, full of hidden layer below the original grass flowers, white, yellow, purple; pure, petite, bright; so many, so close, so vast! They are only a few centimeters shorter than the grass, hiding in the grass below, it seems as long as one to make the effort, it will shoot straight out to ......

"When will come out?" I asked. . "Maybe in a few days, perhaps tomorrow," Xiao Lu laughed, "I can not say Vienna in April, - days a gentile"

That night, under the rain accompanied by a cool breeze up. A few days, nowadays when rain stopped later, the sun has not appeared children.

I will soon be leaving Vienna to go to Italy, Xiao Lu to see me off. On my way to Xiao Lu said: "This can not see those flowers, the grass, really a little sorry, I think they just came out affirmative spectacular." Xiao Lu drove did not speak, probably some of I'm disappointed.

Drizzle outside the windows like a cover pulled Road gauze. Drove out ten minutes, Xiao Lu suddenly said to me: "You look out the window -" rain across the window, see the outside, but the color of the window has changed significantly, white, yellow, purple, the windows on flow. Xiao Lu stopped the car, hand pulled my door, so I did not understand how the matter, he said: "! See it - your flowers."

Facing the blow in the face of the fine, cool rain, I see a flower actually wilderness. This is a few days before that piece of ten million flowers to hide the grass, the flowers now take out all at once, suddenly change the world, the whole world was covered with new colors. Although far from large tracts of flowers and drizzle melt together, bow was able to clearly see that in the cold rain, each flower are proudly, bright eye-catching, Pompous.

I was surprised to think: why they are not under the warm sun came out, but why they stand in the cold rain as well? Tiny flowers actually have such courage! My heart can resist startled, which startled, so I understand what life means yes, yes - courage!

This article is taken "language" textbooks fourth grade, Feng Jicai excerpt from the essay "Vienna Spring three screens."

Thinking florid - Spring is vibrant, full of green, full of flowers. The beautiful flowers, spring is undoubtedly the most colorful pen, with its colors, delicate figure, quiet atmosphere attracts countless men of letters. However, when you are faced with ten million in the cold rain of flowers in full bloom in time and you would feel it?



Father and birds

Father's life's favorite woods, and love singing birds.

Childhood, one morning, my father took me to walk from one edge of the woods.

Father suddenly stood still, toward the foggy woods, looked up and down and hope, with the smell and the smell. He murmured: "There are a lot of birds in the woods."

I did not see a bird flying, did not hear a bird.

Father pointing a stick to me: "Look there, there is no wind, the leaves Why moving ah, there are birds taste?." Father's voice is very light, fear disturb the birds.

I just smell the thick smell of vegetation, birds do not smell the odor.

"Birds smell?"

"There in the woods overnight group of a group of birds always, feathers Wu was hot."

Father said: "listen to the birds sing."

We just sat down, the bird sang.

My father said: "This is the woods and birds happiest moment."

I knew my father then also the happiest.

My father said to me: "In the happiest moment of birds, birds fly from tree branches in the moment, the most likely to be shot by a hunter."

I was surprised, and asked: "Why?"

Father said: "The dawn of a bird, wings wet, heavy to fly."

I'm so happy, my father is not a hunter.

This article is taken "language" on the second grade textbooks, according to the article rewrite Niu Han works.

Thinking discourse - the father is not a hunter, why am I so happy?

Bird of paradise

We ate dinner, the heat has receded. The sun goes down the hill, only to leave a brilliant Hongxia in the sky.

We come a gravel road, and soon to the river. Large trees in the river, we found a few boats.

We have to jump on a boat. A friend untied the rope, pick up the bamboo pole wave, the ship slowly twitch, to remove the center of the river.

The river is very wide, the white water with no waves. Quietly through the water. Three paddle regularly paddled, it sounds like a song.

In a place where the river narrows. Clusters of leaves out into the water. Green leaves really lovely. That's a lot of strain lush banyan tree, the trunk can not see where.

When I say a lot of strain banyan when friends immediately correct my mistakes. A friend said there were only a banyan tree, another friend said to be two. I've seen a lot of the banyan tree, so big the first time see.

Our ship was approaching the banyan. I had a chance to see the true face of it, is really a tree, can not count the number of branches. Branches and roots, there are many roots straight down to the ground and stuck it into the soil. Part of the branches down to the water, from a distance, like a tree lying in the water.

Banyan tree is lush period, it seems to have it all to us to show vitality. So many green leaves, a cluster of clusters piled on top of another, without leaving any gaps. The green color, shone brightly in our eyes, it seems that on every Greenery has a new life in the quiver. This beautiful southern tree!

Boats parked under a tree for a moment. Shore very wet, we did not go up. Friends say it is the "bird of paradise", there are many birds nest in the trees, the farmers who are not allowed to catch them. I seem to hear a few birds Puchi sound, so I pay attention to see, but could not see a bird's shadow children. Only countless roots in the earth, like many root stakes. The land is wet; probably when the tide washed ashore river will go. "Bird of Paradise" where there is no bird, I can not help but think so. Then the boat. A friend moved a paddle boat slowly toward the center of the river.

The next day we paddled a boat to go to a friend's home. It was a place where there are mountains tower. Starting from the school, we go through that, "Bird of Paradise."

This time in the morning. The sun shining on the water, in the trees, everything seemed brighter up. We moored the boat under a tree for a moment.

Initially surrounded by silence. Then there arose a cry of birds, we handle a shot, they saw a large bird flew up. See then only the second, third. We continue to applaud the trees become lively, full of birds, birds are everywhere. Big, small, floral, black, some standing on the branches call, some fly, some in the flapping wings.

Note that I looked at, overwhelmed the eye, look at the only, but also missed the bird, saw the bird, the other flew up. Thrush bird flew out, we were scared of applause, and into the foliage, standing on a small branch excited voice, that song really nice.

Boat toward the tower below the village crossed out when I watch the back being left behind lush banyan tree. I feel a little nostalgia. Yesterday was my eyes deceive me, that the "bird of paradise" is indeed a bird of paradise ah!

This article is taken "language" in fourth grade textbooks, according to the article rewrite Ba Jin works.

Thinking Discourse - tree combined with birds, birds and water together to form a picture of how lively it! Where not only the tree, Chi Mei has bird joy beauty, the beauty of harmony with nature more people, and animals, so here is the real paradise. Let us work together to create more heaven on earth.



Fish swim to the paper

There are many places to Fish Lake. I like to spend in Hong Kong, more like "white as jade Quan" Yuquan.

Yuquan pool water crystal clear. Sitting poolside tea room, a pot of tea, against the railings to see the fish swim freely, really enjoyable. Tearoom backyard dozen goldfish tank it, there also gathered a lot of people who love fish: the elderly, children, but also youth.

In the goldfish bowl rim, I met a young special manner. His tall stature, looked delicate, a pair of bright eyes, like the Yuquan water.

Say "know," in fact, I do not know him, just met a few times nothing. He said he was "special" because he loves to fish the realm of ecstasy. He was always a man just stood goldfish bowl side, quietly watching goldfish swimming in the water, and never say a word.

One Sunday, I went to some Yuquan later than usual. Goldfish bowl side already full of people, mostly innocent and lively children. These children wearing bright clothes, and it seems like goldfish Bimei.

"Yo, goldfish swam to his paper coming!" A surprised girl cried.

I squeezed past a look, the original is the young man in the painting quietly. He sometimes meticulous detailed description, each part of the goldfish meticulously draw down, as meticulous as the girl embroidery; sometimes swipes sketches, quickly draw dynamic goldfish, if the goldfish swimming in the paper.

More and more people crowd, we praise with, talk with, there is no unique response of his own. He seems to have been integrated and the fish

I still go to the teahouse tea, wait until the sun goes down quickly got up and walked back, passing the backyard and saw the young man still in a goldfish bowl edge painting. He seems to have forgotten the time, have forgotten their own.

"You concentrate on what!" I could not help but whispered to him. I did not expect him without looking up, Liyebuli me.

"Good proud young man." I was thinking, his eyes fell on his chest factory emblem, the heart could not help but hop thump! "Sheltered workshops", turned out that he was a deaf mute!

We started talking pen on paper. He told me that he studied painting just over a year, in order to draw a good goldfish, every Sunday to come Yuquan, a look that is all day, often forget to eat, forget to go home.

I took the girl to say he wrote: "Fish swim to your paper coming!"

He smiled, laughed so sweet. He took the pen on the paper added: "First swim to my heart."

This article is taken "language" at the fourth grade textbooks.

Thinking discourse - the saying goes, "fish without water." But today, these lovely fish, why will leave the water, swam to the paper it?

This is a revelation obtained from the little things in life. It tells us: In the face of the temptations of life, according to the moral standards of choice.

Inspiration fishing

That year, I had just turned eleven years old. One day, as usual, I went fishing with my father on a nearby lake island.

The bass fishing is open day before the night. My father and I were put away bait, then lift the rod to cast the line. Sunset on the lake shine a circle of color splashes ripples. Soon, the moon rose, the lake becomes shiny and silvery.

After a long time, fishing rod suddenly violently shake a bit, it must be a big guy took the bait. I carefully put a close one, skillfully manipulated. Perhaps I want to get rid of fish hooks, he kept lashing his tail and jumping, issued a "flap" sound from time to time on the lake, splashing a lot of spray. I'll wait for the fish struggling to get exhausted quickly pulled it ashore. Ah, a big fish! I have never seen such a big bass. My father proudly enjoying this nice big perch, watching the gills under the silver moonlight gently flaring.

Father struck a match and looked at his watch, then ten o'clock at night, from the open fishing bass time and two hours. Father looked for a moment staring at the bass, and then turned to me:. "My child, you have to put it back into the lake."

"Dad! Why?" I asked eagerly.

"You will catch other fish." Father said quietly.

"But I do not catch such a big fish." I argued with the loud, cry ... the sound.

I looked around, everywhere quiet, other people can not see the shadow of the boat under the moonlight. I again beg sights father.

Although no one can see us, but no one knows at what time I caught this bass, however, indisputable that from his father's voice, I knew, his father's words are not negotiable. I slowly from the big hook perch lips down, and reluctantly put it back into the lake. Great bass forcefully swinging the body, a blink of an eye disappeared in the lake.

Suddenly thirty-four years have passed. Year that depressed children, is a famous architect of. After that night, I have not had that catch big fish. However, in the journey of life, I have met more than once with the big bass lure people like "fish." When I again and again faced with an ethical decision and they will think of my father he had warned me: just a simple moral problem and non, and in practice it is difficult. To catch big bass back into the lake, if a person subject to such strict childhood education, it would get practice moral courage and strength.

Thirty-four years ago that moonlight night, left me with lasting memories and lifelong inspiration.

This article is taken "language" on the five-grade textbooks.




I heard that bees have the ability to identify the direction, whether it goes where it can always return to the original place. I want to be a pilot.

One day, I was in my garden in cellular catch some bees, put them in a paper bag. In order to confirm the bees fly back garden of my flying, I do in their backs with white marks. Then I called the Little daughter waiting beside the honeycomb, made a mark with his own twenty bee, walked two miles more roads, open a paper bag, put them out. Bees who are bored for a long time to scatter all sides, as if looking for the direction of home. At this windy, bees flying very low, almost touching the ground, almost thus reducing drag. I think they fly so low, how can see the distant home?

On the way home, I guess the bees could not find at home. Before I got home, the little girl rushed over, blushed, looked very excited. She shouted: "! There are two bees flew back their two forty Back in cellular, covered with pollen it."

Bees flying time is two whole. That is, in forty minutes time, those two little bees fly in two multiplex, which also includes mining pollen time.

Almost dark days, we have not seen other bees fly back. The next day I check honeycomb, and found fifteen back with white marks bees. Thus, twenty bees, seventeen did not get lost, accurate back home. Although they fly against the wind, along the way are some strange scenes, but they are indeed fly back.

Bee relies not extraordinary memory, but an instinct I can not explain.

This article is taken from the "language" third grade textbooks, articles rewritten according to the French entomologist Fabre works.


Wide Focus - dance with "talking" Bee

Bees are industrious insects. For brewing five hundred grams of honey, a bee usually fly hundreds of thousands of kilometers, equivalent or four laps around the earth. Bees find a nectar source, he will fly back to the hive, telling companions information on nectar. If less than 100 meters honey from the hive, they jump at the top of the hive "dance circle"; if nectar one hundred meters outside the hive, they jump "wagging dance."


Wagging dance                          Round dance


Sounds and colors of nature always intoxicated, let us follow the author's walking to find a "happy world."

Insects villages

Today, I was lying in the field, in the infinite silence of the world forgot, I forgot himself.

My eyes followed crawling insect, made a fantastic tour.

Expanded space in front of me, fine stems form a lush forest. A bug, an insect heijia students with hard, lost in this forest. I think it must be a Ranger now! You see, although it lost, still proudly forward. It constantly hit left and right, and finally out of - way. My eyes followed its footsteps, it walked, walked, the way encountered many companions, they greeted each other. I really want to have chatted with them about, but I do not understand their language.

They spread over the hill village edge of the forest. Here, a lot of black beetles villagers crowded to exchanges. Bird heroic black insects, walked into the village. I saw many of the same bugs in the middle, a petite ran out to meet away from the hole homeless. They eloquently on the TV for a long time, and then walked back to the cave to go a Qihuan Yue.

Insects I can see the village where the streets, which is the alley. Street, alley, gorgeous color small round worms, dressed in beautiful Technicolor Dreamcoat. These thick black beetle in the middle, they seem to southern girl, amused how many insects stop Chi Wang. In front of a group of black lizard surrounded beetle, this monster cast a curious eye. Their friendly exchanges, as if the conversation is very speculative like. look! Lizards seem to have forgotten the weary journey, it is carrying a few black beetles, everywhere to visit distant relatives house.

My eye was attracted by a group of music, they have a dozen bars, scattered gathered in two big tree - These are two clusters of wild shrubs, small purple fruit has let the sun baked too ripe . NOTE beetle musicians to give full vibration wings, beautiful rhymes, like Lingquan general flow. At this point, I think their music is better than all the world's music, which is only the worms can be played out!

I looked down the secluded path to explore, I see the "villagers" labor life. They do not know a teams from somewhere, it must be very far away, right? Now they are back, and each forelimb pushing body two or three times greater than the food, hurrying to catch the road. What is it that makes them so diligently bustle of it?

I was completely confused, little bugs in mind, how much wisdom bears? I see the climate by measuring meteorological observation busy, busy architectural design engineers ...... a variety of work, has served as a special insect.

I saw many, many ......

I wandered Youyouhuhu an afternoon, until sunset, when the Western Hills kiss, red dove bird singing only then I recall to mind. I found a small grass happy world of insects. I'm so proud ah!

I am willing to hold your hand, go to the villages along the grass walk.

This article is taken "language" in the sixth grade textbooks, according to Guo Feng article rewrite work.




Ding Dong, Ding Dong, who is playing in the mountains? Oh, it was in fresh air rushing out from a crevice, came to this sunny world.

Mountain spring water flows into the pool, the mountains sister Tijuana tank to draw water. Spring said: "Come on, come my water a lot, there is a natural mountain water tower!."

Spring water flows through the plains of the mountains, red azalea illuminated met his beautiful figure. Spring said: "According to it, according to my water is very clear it is very clear, like a big bright mirror!."

Spring water flowing hillside orchards, fruit drink gulps. Spring said: "Drink, drink my sweet sweet water, drink enough, you can bear greater fruit sweeter!."

Spring through the quiet valley, thrush singing heartily. Spring said: "Sing, sing my music beautiful beautiful, just as you crisp singing karaoke!."

Ding Dong, Ding Dong, cheerful spring run down to playing the piano. Run away, run it along the way met a lot of companions. They greet each other: Hello! Hello there! They mutually agreed to: see the sea! See the sea!

Ding Dong, Ding Dong ......

This article is taken "language" grade next two textbooks.

Thinking discourse - we grow up happily under the care of parents and teachers. We must learn to care about others. Who needs help, we extend a warm hand; who need warmth, we offer a fiery heart.



Our village in front of the hill, far from looking like a really big green velvet groups. On the hill, the tree is very dense, deep grass, a lot of flowers. A stone-paved path, winds its way through the jungle of the hill. Stone path at the end, there is a spring called "Pearl Spring."

This is a pool of dark green of spring. Surrounded by neat little inlaid with stone, the stone grew a black seeped green moss. If you step up, quasi slipping. That was not a little variegated green ferns that quietly open the flowers, the morning train to Pearl Spring simple wreath. Water is so green, green like being around trees, grass dyed like. That water is deep, but so clear, Green was able to see Tandi green-brown stone, can see Tandi deposited sand and blackened leaves. Unfortunately, no fish, the water is too pure too cold because of it?

The most interesting, of course, is that the bright, full, a whirring whirring from a smoke Tandi blisters! Start, small blisters, shaking rose higher and higher, more and more, finally blooming in the water, in the "Puchi" smile disappeared. Sometimes, through the thick foliage, the sun screen bunches of golden, shining on the water, according to the blisters was rising, has been directed onto Tandi green-brown stone. Water and Tandi, spot gold and spot silver staggered; blisters shiny shiny, emitting red light, yellow light, green light, light purple color ...... more like a string of pearls ah!

This is the beautiful Pearl Spring, Pearl Spring This is our village!

Needless to say how much I like the Pearl Spring. I would like to know, take it where so many endless blisters? When drying of the creek in the village wells dried up, it just kept braved blisters. Is there a lot of happy kids, hiding somewhere blow bubbles play it? They must have had a good time, right? Each time, Dad gave me lug buckets came zhenzhuquan side, I think so.

Lug a full bucket of water, walking in stone on the road in the forest, I spilled much pearl ah!

This article is taken "language" textbooks third grade, author Wu Ran.


Wide Focus - Yuquan ancient zhenzhuquan

There is a strange spring in Hangzhou Yuquan diving resort, if you clapping, stomping, there was a string of bead-like bubbles, with the spring filed out, because of its shape, such as pearl named. This is due to alluvial pore near Yuquan communicate directly with the atmosphere, underground water has more dissolved gas, when people with foot, its motions accelerated bubble ejection, they formed the ancient zhenzhuquan.


Wind Dolls

Wind doll grown up. Wind mother said: "go into the fields of it, where you can do many things to help people."

Wind doll came to the field and saw a large windmill is slowly rotated intermittently pumped water flowing. He took a deep breath, straining to blow the windmill. Windmill suddenly turn too fast! Pumped water running and go to the field flow. Seedling drink enough water, he smiled and could not help nodding, wind doll also delighted.

Wind Dolls went to the river and saw many trackers are pulling a boat. They bent over, sweating, shouted chant, but walked slowly. He rushed over, facing sails blowing up. Boats on the water quickly with. Trackers laughed, while tow rope away, while thanked wind doll.

Wind Dolls want: to help people to do good, really easy, as long as the effort on the line.

So he thought, came to a square. There are a few children are flying kites. Wind saw the doll, hard hair quickly in the past. Kites swaying in the air, and some turned up somersault.

Soon, the kite was swept away, the children very sad.

Wind Dolls knew nothing, he still blow east, west blow, blow off people's clothes drying, broken road newly planted trees ...... people blame him.

After listening to the wind doll, very sad, I thought: I can help people do things, why they blame me?

This article is excerpted two grade textbook "language."


Wide Focus - What is the wind?

Wind refers to the level of air flow phenomena. Direction of the wind to the; wind speed refers to the air flow speed. In meteorological services often wind scale to indicate the size of the wind speed. Promote dry and cold wind and warm air exchange occurs, it is often an important reason for changes in the weather. Wind energy is a natural, long ago, humans have learned to manufacture windmill, wind blowing through the windmill to pump water and food processing, it is now also used windmills to generate electricity. Wind action in everyday life are many, but the wind often bring disaster to mankind. Storms, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes and other hazards to humans are great.


Wind Videos

Song Tao, Chen Dan, ZHAO Xiao arts together painting. In their white paper painted the house, sun, trees, tree Chen Dan also drew a few birds.

Song Tao said: "Who Wind Videos?"

Chen Dan said: "The wind, invisible, intangible, who also painted out."

Zhao Xiao Yi blinked, thought, said: "! I can" I saw her in front of the house drew a flagpole, flag floating in the air.

Song Tao said: "The wind, the wind blew the flag floating up."

Chen Dan said: "I will be the style." Then, she painted trees beside a tree curved trees.

Song Tao thought, he painted the sun on the wipe, drew a few slices of dark clouds, but also drew a few slanting rain, said:. "Rain, the wind blew the rain slanting"

Zhao Xiao Yi smiled and said: "I can draw!" She drew a little boy to take a windmill, windmill whirring.

Just then three children, painted, suddenly a gust of wind blowing, painting the scene seem moving. Painting a picture look more beautiful.

Under article is excerpted from "language" second grade textbooks, according to Fang Yiqun article rewrite work.

Wide Focus - effect of the wind and the type of

Surface wind can take the heat, carbon dioxide can be taken away, to bring oxygen can also help plant pollen and seeds. However, it can spread bacteria, insects, but also blowing dust and blizzard.

Gust: large hour when the flow velocity of the air, the wind will suddenly become big, sometimes small, blowing in the human body has bouts of feeling, which is the gust.

Tornado: a violent rotating column of air round. From afar, like a non-stop swing elephant nose or hanging in the air python.Typhoon: a tropical cyclone. Meteorology, specifically refers to the occurrence of typhoons over the western North Pacific, the center sustained winds reach 12 and above tropical cyclone.

Do you know what the wind?



Only one Earth

According to have the opportunity to fly in space astronauts introduced them to roam the Earth Looking at the sky, the eye is a crystal sphere, above the blue and white marks are intertwined, wrapped around a thin layer of blue water "Shayi." Earth, the mother of mankind, the cradle of life, is so spectacular, amiable.

However, compared with the vast universe, the earth is insignificant. It is only a radius of more than six thousand three hundred kilometers planet. In the bright stars in the universe, like a small boat. It is only so big, you will not grow up.

Earth's natural resources have also limited. Take mineral resources are concerned, it is not the gift of God, but after millions of years, hundreds of millions of years of geological changes even before the formation. Earth is selfless, it provides mineral resources to human generosity. However, if uncontrolled exploitation, will accelerate the depletion of mineral resources on Earth.

Water required for human life, forest resources, biological resources, atmospheric resources that could have been constantly renewed, long-term contribute to mankind. However, because people carelessly destroyed natural resources, recklessly indiscriminate use of chemicals, not only so that they can not be recycled, but also caused a series of ecological disasters, to human survival poses a serious threat.

Some would say that space is not very big yet, where there are countless planets, Earth resources are exhausted, we can not relocate to other worlds in it?

Scientists have proved, at least in the Earth as the center of the range of 40 trillion kilometers, the second planet not suitable for human habitation. Humans can not expect to destroy the Earth later moved to other planets go.

Yes, scientists have proposed many ideas, such as the construction of immigrant base on Mars or the Moon. However, even if these ideas can be realized, but also distant thing. Besides, how many people can go to live it?

"Our planet is too cute, but too easily broken!" This exclamation is sent astronauts into space witnessed earth.

Only one earth, if it is destroyed, we have no place to go. If the resources are depleted on Earth, and it is difficult to be replenished from somewhere else. We must carefully protect the earth, protect the ecological environment of the Earth. Let the Earth to better benefit our children and grandchildren now!

This article is taken "language" in the sixth grade textbooks.

Thinking discourse - "Only One Earth", which is loud slogans 1972 Conference on Human Environment held in Stockholm, Sweden proposed, in order to protect the earth and our beautiful home, what should we do about it?


The story of a small village

Valley, previously had a beautiful little village. Lush mountain forests, the village before the water crystal clear, deep blue sky, the air is fresh and sweet.

The village is home to dozens of families. I do not know since when, and everyone with a sharp ax. Someone wanted to build a house, someone wanted to make a plow, they picked up the ax to the mountains, the trees cut down to a one. Thus, the emergence of open land on the hillside.

Year after year, generation to generation, declining trees on the slopes, bare land ...... trees growing into a house after another, into a variety of tools, everything turned into furniture, as well as a large number of with the roof smoke trees wood smoke disappeared in the sky.

In any case, every household against sharp ax. Life is also good. However, I do not know how many years, how many generations, in a Cheetos August rain, heavy rain did not breathing children, a spell of five days and nights, the sixth day dawn, the rain came to a halt. However, the small village where he was roaring flood volume to where I do not know.

Nothing - all obtained by the ax, including those sharp ax.

This article is taken "language" third grade textbooks.

Thinking Discourse - a small village in front of people in order to "good" life, almost chopped down the trees, the results destroyed homes. You want people from small villages to say something?



Biggest "book"

One day, my father took chon go hiking. Climbed halfway up the mountain, they saw a geological survey team, was sitting on a boulder watching what. Chon walked over, surprised, and asked: "? Uncle, what you see"

"I was watching 'book' it!"

"Where are the book ah?"

"Rock is the book ah! You see, this rock layer by layer, not just as a thick book?"

Chon asked earnestly: "This is on top of it with the word?"

"There you are, this is rain footprints, called rain marks; this is the wave of footsteps, called ripples; there are these shiny, transparent, mineral character they are to die.!"

Chon asked: "There is this picture on it?"

Uncle said: "Look, here are the leaves, shells there, where there is a small fish mile.!"

"This could explain what it?"

"It tells us that in the long, long time ago, there is a wooded land. Later, the land sink, where it becomes a sea. It took many, many years, slowly rising seabed, where they become the mountains, at the foot of the mountain is our. "

"I read this book rock what use is it?" Chon love inquisitive.

Uncle said: "! Can use large Mile can tell us, where buried coal, iron ore, where hidden ...... put this 'book' to read, you can find more treasures for the motherland!"

"Great, great!" Chon pleased to say, "When I grow up, we must understand this the biggest 'book'!"

This article is taken "language" textbooks under second-year, according to the article rewrite away boat works.

Wide Focus - strata and fossils

Strata and fossil records are geological history of the earth's natural history books, according to age strata that have deposited rock formations, fossils in sedimentary strata is preserved remains of ancient creatures, artifacts or ruins. Different times in different strata of fossils, respectively. Each page of the book is like formations, fossils it is clear that each page of text. For example, at the top of Mount Everest we found fish fossils can be inferred here was the sea; in Antarctica have found expression on the exposed seam km, indicating that Antarctica was once lush forest land.


Strange big stone

Siguang is a famous geologist.

A child, he likes to play hide and seek and small partners of the game. Every time he loves hiding behind a big rock. Boulder standing alone on the grass. A small partner heard footsteps, he would quietly dodge around the big rock. Large stone to his figure covered up, small partners around the stone and turn, could not find him. A long time, he became interested in this big stone: such a large piece of stone, from where it?

Siguang run to ask the teacher, the teacher thought, said: "This stone is probably several hundred years of history, it's when I was there.

"Who put it where it?"  

"I heard the sky often fall meteorite, perhaps it is the fall from the sky to the bar!"  

"Such a large heavy stone fell from the sky, the power must be very large. It should hit the grass a deep, deep pit. Why can not it go into the soil lying on it?"

"That I can not tell up."

Siguang Paoqu Wen father, my father could not say.

This unexpected large stone in the end is how come? Why It's surrounded by flat land, not a single stone? I siguang think this problem for many years. Until he grew up to England to study the geology, they would understand glacier can drive huge stone travel hundreds of miles or even thousands of miles.

Later, Siguang returned home, devoted to examining the big rock. He finally figured out, this is a big stone was brought from a distant glacier Qinling come here. After further investigation, he found the remains of the Yangtze River has a large number of the fourth glacial activity. His research results, shocked the world.

This article is taken "language" on the third grade textbooks, according to the article rewrite Li Xiaoming, Liu Fengdong works.

Wide Focus - how meteorites to Earth?

Typically, the meteorite is believed to be surrounded by the planets orbit the sun collide with each other, and the formation of fracture fragments. On a clear night, a ray of light across the night sky, and instantly disappeared, this phenomenon is commonly known as a meteor; they are diffuse interstellar dust in space, if the Earth's gravity is captured, attracted to the earth, they formation of meteorites; when they are at great speed into the Earth's dense atmosphere, most of the meteorite and atmospheric friction, heat, light and vaporized, but some residual surface fall down, they become meteorites.



Spring is a colorful painting is a beautiful song, is a tell endless stories, and voila! Spring girl with a doll rain came.

Spring colors

Rain, like spring girl spun thread, gently fall to the ground, Falling, Falling ......

Fields, a group of birds are debating an interesting question: What is the color of spring in the end?

Swallow said: "You see green rain, rain fell on the grass, on the green grass in the spring rain willow, switchgrass also green..."

Sparrow said: "No, you see a red rain, rain sprinkled on the peach tree, peach red spring raindrops from azalea, azaleas also red..."

Small oriole said: "No, no rain is yellow you see, rain fell on the field of rape, canola flower yellow rain fell on the dandelion, dandelion yellow flowers..."

After listening to the rain we debate under more joy, Falling, Falling ......

This article is taken "language" textbooks next year, according to the article rewrite floor fly just works.

Nature is everywhere in China and the US, as long as careful observation, listen carefully, we will find the United States.

Mountain Rain

Abrupt - followed by waves of moist mountain, followed by a plume of light clouds, rain, quietly come.

First, hear its voice, very far from the mountains came from the higher slopes to upload -

Sha La La, Sha La La ......

Like a song without words, magically drifted into the sky from all directions, gradually clear up, louder, far and near, far and near ......

Rain, the mountains every rock, every leaf, every clump of grass, turned into a marvelous key. Durian rain countless soft nimble fingers, playing out one another first elegant songs, every note with fancy colors.

Rain forest has changed color. The sun, the color of the multi-level forest was almost illegible, dark green, green, cyan there, golden, there are fiery red. In the rain, all the colors are melted in water dripping green among the dazzling green, green was transparent. This fresh green seems to flow in the rain and fog, flowing into my eyes, flow into my mind.

This rain of green, on the painter's palette is very difficult to tune out, but as long seen the watery green, it is difficult to forget.

I do not know at what time, rain, quietly stopped. Wind, and held their breath, the mountains suddenly became very quiet. Distance, an unknown bird began to cry warble, as if in the pouring of joy after the bath. Nearby, condensation on the leaves Raindrops still dripping, dripping puddles by the roadside in an abnormal crisp sound -

Ding - Dong - Ding - Dong ......

Rain is like a mountain finish.

This article is taken "language" in the sixth grade textbooks, author Zhao Lihong.




The sun like gold, Sabian fields, mountains and river.

Seedlings field, because of the sun, and more green. Mountain trees, because the sun is higher. Sun shining river, the river like a long brocade.

Morning, I opened the curtains, the sun jumped into my home.

Who also Zhuobu Zhu sun, the sun is everyone.

The sun like gold, the sun is more precious than gold.

This article is taken from the "language" first grade textbooks were rewritten in accordance with article Jinbo works.

Wide Focus - Why things grow by the sun?

Everything refers to all life on Earth. If there is no sun, the plant will not appear on the earth and carry out photosynthesis and survival, did not move, the plant will lose the most basic part of the food chain, it can not survive, of course, impossible in humans. It is the source of the Earth to get energy.


Shoes in the sun

Morning, the sun shines on the balcony, mother to grandmother drying quilts. Komine asked her mother: "Grandma's quilt was not a bit wet, why should the sun it?"

"Quilts drying off, my grandmother would cover warmer." Mom said.

"Why?" Asked a small peak.

Mother said: "There are cotton quilts, and let the sun got into the cotton, you say warm not warm?"

After lunch, take a nap grandma, my mother received a quilt spread on the bed. Grandma took off his shoes, I lay down in bed, said, "This quilt really warm." She closed her eyes comfortably.

Grandma fell asleep. Komine thought: Grandma also has cotton shoes ...... So he gently placed in her grandmother's shoes to sun drying place.

Grandmother woke up the small peak padded back to bed. Grandma got up, his legs into the shoes inside, surprised, and asked: "? Hey, how so warm shoes"

Komine smiled and said: "! Grandma, shoes, there are a lot of sunshine."

Under article is excerpted from "language" first grade textbooks were rewritten in accordance with article wild army works.

Thinking discourse - the sun got into the quilt, but also got into the shoes, warm the body, a small peak mother and grandmother of filial piety along with the sun warm my grandmother's heart. This is the world's most beautiful family, which is a deep sense of warmth.



Live dance music in Vienna

Wake up, do not open your eyes, try to identify by ear every day I wake up these little guys, I know exactly where they are located, is in the window tall conifers growing on the inside, or far in the room ridge and the chimney.

There is a bird sounds like a coloratura soprano, melody, loud, long, endless variations, how can sing it so rich and not duplicate music? Later, when I listen to the birds in the Area 44 museum recordings, before we know this guy's name. It was not pretty, black body feathers, a long yellow mouth, crow like a small child dangling from a bamboo flute. When I turn a blind eye to listen to the song of it, imagine it was the United States if the phoenix.

I found that when the eyes closed, the sound becomes particularly clear and rich image. There is a bird calls like someone Keya, intermittent, blah sound; another cry of a bird like the old man sighed, hoarseness and old; there is a chirp like a cat. One day, while it is called, while flying from my window, I have a cat flying illusion appears.

When an Austrian friend said this morning chorus of birds as "free concert." The concert was also far and near the church bell. Carl came from a distant cathedral bells deep and lasting; from the street after Croatia Stiglitz chapel bells ringing and thorough. Church bells added, often so that the "free concert" reached its climax. Whenever this time, slipped from the window will be a surge of what flowers, got into my nostrils.

Vienna May or "flower of the world."

Every household hanging in the window of a rectangular pots all flowers bloom, gorgeous color seems to be erupting from these people out. Many shops with colorful flowers wrapped around the door, through this door, like flowers into the lair. By convention, every year the city park with flowers all devices from a large table, hands go very punctual, consisting of flowers in mid-dial is new pattern. This year, gardeners are fantastic and the northeast corner of the park in the street a high ground with white roses and holly set up a fragrant grand piano. Thus, the Vienna theme - music and flowers, and it was expressed.

Old Vienna, it is difficult to find a straight path. Vehicles in these crooked and smooth as the water ran the streets on both sides of the scene like suddenly came out. Or a quiet and elegant premises, or several strains like a fountain full of flowers ...... This is traveling in a straight road absolutely no feelings. Moreover, Paozhaopaozhe, it is easy to think of music. In all this music, the most important thing is not everywhere concerts, musicians everywhere statue and House, but you will feel the presence of the music anytime, anywhere. Famous composer Brahms said: "Walking in Vienna, be careful, do not tread on the ground note."

Some people say that is not true in the Golden Hall of the Vienna music or opera, but in suburban tavern. If you come to the village, "then restaurant" where to sit, will be able to experience the true Viennese music. Sitting on a long rough wooden bench, drinking the fragrant wine, while biting just baked, hot mouth, fragrant oil flows Roast Pork Chop, suddenly cheerful waltz in your ears. Turned and saw a flushed old man, full of hard stubble chin tucked a small and old violin, vigorously he pulled in behind you. He looks at you squeeze, I hope you excited, into the music as soon as possible. A large black dog has a short tail around his legs energetically danced, people's eyes are the hotel happily thrown him. Music, people flipping mood "fairy fingers," is where the soul of Vienna.

This article is taken "language" grade next five textbooks.

Thinking Discourse - Vienna Life music is everywhere, all the people who love music in Vienna, music is part of their lives, people feel that their life is like a waltz general good.


Autumn is not only a wealth of colors, as well as great sound. One poet heard in autumn many wonderful voice, wrote such a poem, we take a listen to the voice of autumn!

Listen, autumn's voice


Autumn voice,

Trees shook arms,


It is yellow leaves farewell speech.



Autumn voice,

Cricket vibration wings,

"Mouth mouth Qu Qu"

It is the farewell song rhyme and balcony.


Rows of geese to catch up with white clouds,

Samuel burst warm exhort;

Autumn waves swept the field,

Sent a harvest chant.



Into the autumn,

Into this vast concert hall,

You sound good to listen to the autumn.


Autumn voice,

In each leaf yard,

In every flower,

In every drop of sweat in,

In every grain in a blooming.



Autumn voice,

Hurry to come from afar,

Hurry to go the distance.


We heard the sound of autumn.

This article is taken "language" on the third grade textbooks, according to the article rewrite Bi Guoying works.




There is such a legend, in ancient times, the sky l 0 sun, tan ground barren. People can not stand the heat, to find a good person shooting arrows out of nine, leaving only one on the ground was not so hot. In fact, we have from the sun 150 million kilometers away. Going to the Sun, if you walk, nap day and night, leaving almost 3,500 years; that is to fly, but also to fly twenty years. So far, how can you shoot arrows get it?

We see the sun, I feel it is not large, in fact, it is large enough, worth 1.3 million a sun to the Earth. Because the sun is too far away from the Earth, so we have only one dish looks so big.

The sun will shine, may have a fever, it is a big ball of fire. The high temperature of the sun, the surface temperature of 6,000 degrees Celsius, the steel is encountered it will become steam; temperature of the center is estimated to be 2500 times the surface temperature.

The sun was very far away from us, but it and our relationship is very close. With the sun, crops and trees on the earth to germinate, leaves, flower and bear fruit; birds, animals, insects, fish in order to survive, reproduce. If there is no sun, there would be no plants on the earth, there will be no animals. We eat food, vegetables, fruits, meat, wearing cotton, linen, wool, silk, and are closely related to the sun. Buried coal, looks like nothing to do with the sun, in fact, from the sun can not be formed. Since ancient times the coal plant is buried under the ground had changed.

Water on the ground to be basking in the sun when the absorbed heat into steam. Steam encounters cold, cemented innumerable small water droplets, floating in the air, into the cloud. Clouds droplets together more, it becomes rain or snow down.

Ground basking in the sun, the heat absorption of some areas and more, where the air is quite hot; less heat is absorbed in some areas, where the air is colder. There are hot and cold air to flow and become the wind.

Sunlight has the ability to sterilization, we can use it to prevent and treat diseases.

Bright and warm the Earth, the sun is sent. If there is no sun, the earth will be full of darkness, full of cold, no wind, snow, rain, dew, no grass, trees, birds, animals, nature, no one would. In short, there is no sun, we did not have this lovely world.

This article is taken "language" third grade textbooks.

Wide Focus - sunspot

Scientists believe the sun can burn about one billion years, it already exists about five billion years, the sun can be said now is the middle-aged. As early as two thousand years ago, our ancestors discovered that there has been a three crows feet as bright spots on the sun, which is now known as sunspots, which are the sun's surface material formed intense exercise. This is the earliest record of sunspots in the world.


The sun is everyone's

West of the clouds of heaven,

Into a glowing red sunset;

The sun rising from the island,

To the Western Hills will fall!


Day when the sun do much good:

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